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Childhood Illnesses and Reporting Absences

The information guide for parents is produced by Essex County Council and the NHS. The guide gives you information about common childhood illnesses and conditions, with guidance on if, and for how long you should keep your child off school.


The procedure for reporting your child absent from school.

On the first day of absence, you should ring the school office and select option 1. When asked, please leave a message with the following information:

  • your name
  • your child’s name and class
  • why he/she is off school today.

Please be aware that a member of staff may phone you back to confirm the reason your child is absent. The procedure described above should be repeated every day your child is absent from school, or the school may be required to record your child’s absence as unauthorised.


Some parents take short breaks or holidays and give the school an official reason of illness for their child being off school. If subsequently, the school has reason to believe your child took unauthorised holiday, your child’s attendance record will be changed, and you will be contacted by the school.