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13th March 2018


The children have been working really hard on creating a booklet about Pompeii. We have had some really good discussions in class about Pompeii and found out lots of facts. 3W would like to go on a school trip to Pompeii as they have been very enthused - this may be a little difficult to arrange so we will be planning something else instead. In Maths the children have been looking at measuring and converting lengths. We had some very good artists creating in the style of Andy Goldsworthy and we hope to put some pictures on the website soon.


1st March 2018


We hope you are all enjoying your Snow Days. We have attached some ideas for you to try at home.



21st February 2018


I hope you all enjoyed your half term break. It was a pleasure to hear all the exciting news from the children. This week in Maths children have been learning about money. They have added amounts together and worked out the change. In English we have started to explore Haiku poems and begun by finding words with different syllables. The children have also begun their new topic of Tremors.

9th February 2018

Well done 3W for a brilliant assembly showing all the work you have been doing this half term. 

31st January 2018

We have investigated fair trade this week. The children have also made a fruit tile linked to our topic of Scrumdiddlyumptious.

24th January 2018

The children spent the week working with money in Maths. They also looked at some unusual foods and found out where they were from by looking at atlases.

17th January 2018

The children have all began to write their own fable. In Maths this week we focused on division.

9th January 2018

It was lovely to hear about the children's adventures during the Christmas holidays. We have started our new topic Scrumdiddlyumptious. We have looked at the journey of the banana and how it gets to our shops. We have also started our new English genre of Fables and children have heard a range of fables. During Maths lessons we are focusing on division. Children should be spending time at home each week learning their times tables.

20th December 2017

The Autumn term has gone very fast. This term 3M completed their class assembly and all the children took part in the Christmas Play - Silent Night. Thank you to all the parents who helped out with costumes and learning words to songs / lines. All the children were amazing and it was good to see so many of you there. The children all enjoyed a Christmas Party during the last week and we were very fortunate to receive a visit from Father Christmas. We would like to thank you for all the lovely presents and we hope that you have a good Christmas and New Year. We will soon be back at the school for the Spring Term!

6th December 2017

The children have been busy learning the word of the songs and their lines for our Christmas Production of Silent Night and we look forward to performing next week. We have started a new genre in English of Explanation texts and we have begun looking at the grid method for Multliplication. 

22nd November 2017

The children have spent time this week starting our new maths topic of multiplication. Children have started by drawing arrays and we will be going onto written methods. Both classes have been working on non-chronological reports and have written about their predators. We are editing these and will look at publishing them in the next few days. We will publish these next week on the website. 

15th November 2017


During the week the children have spent time researching predators. They are now writing reports about their predator. During Maths children have seen the connection between addition and subtraction and used this to solve problems. Thanks to all the interesting homework pictures that came in about predators.

3M Assembly

3M Assembly 1
3M Assembly 2
3M Assembly 3

8th November 2017


I hope you all enjoyed your half term holiday which went so quick. The children are enjoying our new topic of Predators. We were very pleased with the 3M assembly and hope to put some photos/video on our website soon. The children all spoke to clearly and confidently as shared their knowledge of heroes.

20th October 2017


Both 3M and 3W visited the Jesus Life Museum yesterday at the Evangelical Church in Broomfield Road as part of our RE learning this term based on Christianity. All the children were amazing walking to and from the venue. They listened throughout the experience and had opportunities to use the large interactive screens. Thank you to all the adults who volunteered and helped us.


Enjoy the half term holiday.  

Jesus Life Museum

Jesus Life Museum 1
Jesus Life Museum 2
Jesus Life Museum 3
Jesus Life Museum 4

11th October 2017


As part of our Heroes and Villians topic the children have written their own traditional tale similar to Grumpy Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It was really impressive to see the children writing an extended piece of writing.

Traditional Tales

Traditional Tales 1
Traditional Tales 2
Traditional Tales 3
Traditional Tales 4
Traditional Tales 5
Traditional Tales 6
Traditional Tales 7
Traditional Tales 8
Traditional Tales 9
Traditional Tales 10

4th October 2017

We have had another full packed week in both 3M and 3W.

Children are in the process of writing their own traditional tales and we hope to publish some next week. In Maths we have moved onto addition using the place value knowledge learnt.

As part of our topic work we have started to recreate Roy Lichenstein's work. We will now be creating joint artwork linked to Heroes and Villians.

27th September 2017

This week in 3M and 3W we have been really pleased with the riddles the children have completed. We have started to look at modern versions of traditional tales and the children have begun writing about Grumpy Goldilocks and the 3 bears.



Riddles 1
Riddles 2

20th September 2017

Both classes have completed fact files and posters following our recent visit from the Fire Safety Officer.

13th September 2017

We have had an exciting week in year 3. We had an opportunity to meet a Fire Safety Officer. We now know how to keep safe in our homes and hopefully the children have shared their escape plans with you.


We have also thoroughly enjoyed writing our own riddles and hope to share some with you soon.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety 1
Fire Safety 2