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Find out about our learning in Year 5

Wow! What a busy half term Year 5 has had! We had an incredible trip to Chelmsford County High School and the children were mesmerised by their performance! The children enjoyed the performance so much that we even created our own dramatization of the witches spell.  We have been busy learning about fractions and will continue this Maths topic after the holiday. We have already looked at equivalent fractions, ordering fractions and even had a go at fractions involving algebra. As we have been continuing our learning about WW2 we are currently creating our very own model Victory gardens. The children have been busy applying their Maths skills gained in area and perimeter to help them plan and have started to use their architectural skills to build their garden in teams. I have included some photos and hope to share the finished result with you! Watch this space!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Road Safety talk and posters

Wow what a quick week that was! In Year 5 we have been very busy learning all about remeberance day. Our favourite activities were performing the poem “In Flanders Fields” and creating prints of poppies. See the photos below for photos of how we made them. 

Creating our poppy designs

The first week back has flown by and 5T has created some marvellous topic pages. We are very excited about our new topic which is a Child's War and we have read the first two chapters of Goodnight Mister Tom. Ask your child about the predictions they have made and what the story is about so far. 

Autumn 2 topic pages

As promised, below are some of our lovely newspaper reports from journalists in 5T. We were really excited about writing them and the children decided that they also wanted to do some more writing about their planets and create a collage! See the photo below for more of our fabulous writing. Next term our topic is A Child’s War and our class text will be Goodnight Mister Tom which the children are very excited about. 

Reports about 5T’s planets

Reports about 5T’s planets 1
Reports about 5T’s planets 2
Reports about 5T’s planets 3

Crash landing newspapers

Crash landing newspapers 1
Crash landing newspapers 2
This week in year 5 we have been busy writing newspaper reports about a crash landing! The children have been creating their own planets to describe and focused on using journalistic writing. We are planning to edit and write up our newspapers on Monday. We look forward to sharing them with you then! 

Our fantastic versions of Peter Thorpe style art. Can you spot the original?

Our fantastic versions of Peter Thorpe style art.  Can you spot the original? 1

This week we have been looking at negative numbers in maths and in English we have started to look at newspaper reports. We will start writing our own newspaper reports about the moon landing next week which we hope to share with you. Tomorrow we will be finishing our Space inspired art in the style of Peter Thorpe. We had to think carefully about the perspective of the drawing and hope to share the finished product with you next week.


Stay tuned!


Miss Tyler and Mrs Ketley

Wow! What a fantastic start Year 5 have had! This week we have been continuing to learn about Space and we have even discovered the difference between the heliocentric model and the geocentric model. In English we have been learning all about poetry and we have been focusing on using personification. In Maths we have been learning all about ordering numbers and rounding. Ask your child to tell you more about what they have been learning about!


Have a look next week to find out more about Year 5’s learning journey.


Miss Tyler and Mrs Ketley