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Week 2:

This week in Year 6, we have been continuing on with our ID topic. At the beginning of the week, we had to investigate a crime scene in Miss Hovell's room. Somebody had broken in, left evidence for us to uncover, and then escaped. When our teachers went to see what had happened, we noticed that Miss Hovell's iPad had gone missing! Or did she simply just misplace it?


Using our detective skills, we sketched the crime scene and now are starting to look into the different types of evidence that was left, one of which was fingerprints. To explore this further, we took each of our fingerprints using an ink pad. It was certainly interesting to notice the different types of fingerprint patterns. Some people had whorls, some had loops and some even had arches! Perhaps next week we will investigate the trend of who has the various types of fingerprint patterns....


Until next week!

Mr Shipley and Miss Hovell