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Wee 11: Some impresssive homework this week! Miss Hovell especially liked the spelling strategies shown!

Wee 11: Some impresssive homework this week! Miss Hovell especially liked the spelling strategies shown!  1
Wee 11: Some impresssive homework this week! Miss Hovell especially liked the spelling strategies shown!  2
Wee 11: Some impresssive homework this week! Miss Hovell especially liked the spelling strategies shown!  3

Below are some photos from the start of our Fractions unit in Maths. We had a carousel of activities, including comparing fractions, ordering them, creating fraction rainbows, playing games involving fractions and iPad fraction games. Since then, we have simplified and found equivalent fractions by dividing or multiplying the numerator and the denominator by the same number. We have compared fractions and ordered them, including mixed numbers and improper fractions. 


Miss Hovell and Mr Shipley 

Week 10 - Fractions!

Week 10 - Fractions! 1
Week 10 - Fractions! 2
Week 10 - Fractions! 3
Week 10 - Fractions! 4
Week 10 - Fractions! 5
Week 10 - Fractions! 6
Week 10 - Fractions! 7

Week 9:

This week in Year 6, we have been exploring how to write newspaper reports. At the beginning of the week, Mr Shipley and Miss Hovell set the scene for us: Imagine you are a newspaper reporter, and the Mayan artefacts we have been studying have gone missing from a museum. In your report, you must explain what has happened using conventional features associated with a newspaper, such as using quotes from witnesses and bold catchy headlines! 


Below are a few examples that show exactly what we have been up to in English.


Until next week,

6S and 6H

Newspaper Reports: Mayan Artefacts Go Missing!

Week 8: 

As part of our computing lessons, the children created avatars of themselves, based on the book 'Wonder' which has been adapted into a film. We discussed how using avatars like these can be a way to keep safe online instead of using photographs, as we have learnt about in our e-safety talk by Essex Police and Fire Services in the first half term. Each avatar has a precept - a message giving advice. Have a look at some of the examples. 

Wonder Avatar Images

Week 7: 

Our puppets of the KRPS staff are developing nicely and just need a few finishing touches! The children have been very busy and have really enjoyed this part of the curriculum. Take a look at some photos. You'll see the finished products later in the year! Have a good half term everyone! 

Miss Hovell and Mr Shipley 

Week 6: ID Art Attack! 

In Science, 6H and 6S have continued to learn about different genetic characteristics, including freckles, dimples, widow's peak, cleft chins and hitchhiker's thumb. Applying our knowledge of some of these, Year 6 have begun to make identity puppets, based on some familiar faces - the staff of KRPS! The first step was to papier mache balloons to form a head and, once dried, apply features such as a nose, mouth and ears. Towards the end of this week and next week, we are now making our puppets sturdy by applying mod-roc (a type of plaster) before we can paint them and add our finishing touches. Here are some puppets in the early stages so you can compare them to the finished product on our next update! More photos to follow! 

6H and 6S



Identity Puppets: Early stages.

Identity Puppets: Early stages.  1
Identity Puppets: Early stages.  2
Identity Puppets: Early stages.  3
Identity Puppets: Early stages.  4
Identity Puppets: Early stages.  5
Identity Puppets: Early stages.  6
Identity Puppets: Early stages.  7

Week 5:

In Year 6, we have been experimenting with the introduction of Maths Meetings in the afternoon. As part of these sessions, we focus on key skills, and one of the skills that we identified as needed improving was remembering how many days are in each month. 

To aid this, we learnt a song called 'Days in the Months'. 


Come on Kings Road, if Year 6 can be singing in Maths Meetings, then so can the rest of you!


We hope you enjoy it. If you want to sing along for yourselves at home, then check out the audio clip below the video. Warning: it's catchy!


Until next week,
6S and 6H

Maths Meeting Video 6S.mp4

Still image for this video

Here is the 'Days in the Months' song we used in our Maths Meetings this week:

Week 4: 

Year 6 have been very busy in all areas of the curriculum! From rounding decimals to degrees of accuracy, negative numbers, writing fantastic stories about Auggie's first day of school and researching interesting facts about finger prints... the list is endless! 

In our writing, we have focused on demonstrating characters' emotions through describing their behaviour and speech. We have studied the text of Wonder closely and looked at quotes which reveal Auggie's perception of his own identity, which we then transferred into some artwork, some inspired by the 'Litographs' prints. Examples of 6H's artwork to follow.


Until next week's update! 

6H and 6S


Week 4 Continued: 6H's Wonder inspired artwork

Week 3: Take a look at a few examples of the fantastic effort that Year 6 have been putting in their writing this week. Some pen licenses have been distributed... More to come!

Week 2:

This week in Year 6, we have been continuing on with our ID topic. At the beginning of the week, we had to investigate a crime scene in Miss Hovell's room. Somebody had broken in, left evidence for us to uncover, and then escaped. When our teachers went to see what had happened, we noticed that Miss Hovell's iPad had gone missing! Or did she simply just misplace it?


Using our detective skills, we sketched the crime scene and now are starting to look into the different types of evidence that was left, one of which was fingerprints. To explore this further, we took each of our fingerprints using an ink pad. It was certainly interesting to notice the different types of fingerprint patterns. Some people had whorls, some had loops and some even had arches! Perhaps next week we will investigate the trend of who has the various types of fingerprint patterns....


Until next week!

6S and 6H