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Snack and Tuck Shop

The school Tuck shop is mainly run by our Year 6 children in KS2 and our Year 2 children in KS1.  In order to ensure we are a “Healthy School”, we have a few easy to follow rules:


  • We can bring in a maximum of 50p each day, no more
  • We keep our money safe and don’t lend it to our friends
  • We can buy a maximum of 2 items each day (1 item of snack and a bottle of water)
  • 2 pretzels are 1 item and 2 breadsticks are 1 item
  • We buy items from the Tuck Shop for ourselves and not our friends
  • We know that lunch will be soon and this is only a quick ‘snack’!


We sell the following items at Tuck Shop:



Items with an asterisk are only available on certain days.