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Year 6

Spring Term 2019

Welcome back to school - we hope you had a fantastic Christmas holiday and wish you a Happy New Year! 


This term year 6 will be taking part in learning based on our topic, ‘Frozen Kingdoms’. We will be delving into Shackleton’s famous expedition to the Antarctic, through our work on William Grill’s book ‘Shackleton’s Journey’. We will discover what it takes to be an explorer in the extreme weather of the Arctic and Antarctic circles and how these remote and ice covered landscapes are affected by time zones and the effects of global warming.


Our work in English will also look at the famous Hans Christian Anderson folk story of, ‘The Snow Queen’ as well as non-fiction texts based on our topic learning in geography.


In history, we are stepping back in time to 1912 and the tragic sinking of the Titanic. Children will discover how the famous ship was constructed and how the class system of Edwardian England separated people into groups based on wealth and their family. Year 6 will then become both judge and jury, examining real historical evidence and sources to decide who they think was to blame for the tragic sinking in our own Kings Road courtroom. 


We hope to update our class page with lots of work from the children - sharing the fantastic progress we make during our learning journey.

Year 6 Team

Welcome to Year 6!


We have an exciting and very important year planned ahead. As well as preparing for our SATs, we will also be extending and developing our skills to prepare us for entering Secondary School. We have a fantastic team to help us reach our full potential across the curriculum.


Teachers: Mr Sharp, Miss Tyler and Mrs Gilligan.

LSAs: Mrs Boughen, Mrs Bayley and Mrs Brown.

Lead LSA: Mrs Lyons.

Year 6 Genius Maths SATs Revision