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To find out more details on our Curriculum, please speak to Mrs Riches, our Head of School or Mr Chambers, our Deputy Head of School.

Curriculum Overview

Our approach to reading

At Kings Road Primary School we aim to promote confidence and positive attitudes towards reading. Our children have access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction reading books. The books the children bring home are matched to their needs as a reader. This includes not only their phonics skills at the start of their reading journey but also their comprehension and fluency skills.

In Foundation Stage the children have access to a range of different books that support their phonic decoding skills and their fluency when tricky words. The books have high quality illustrations and the mix of stories and information enables the pupils to choose books that match their interests as well as their needs. As the children move into Year 1 and 2, the books progress with the children’s learning in phonics and are more challenging in the breadth and depth of the content the children are expected to read. As the children’s fluency and comprehension skills grow, the children also begin to access simple chapter books by both modern and classic authors as well as more challenging picture books. This continues into Years 3 and 4. To ensure the children continue to meet a broad range of text types each class has a stock of books that are matched to their age but expand their understanding of different types of text, including biography, auto-biography and abridged versions of classic texts including Shakespeare.

At Kings Road we model and foster our pupils to develop a passion for reading. We make sure the children have access to our library as part of their day to day learning and provide opportunities to borrow books to share at home.

Across the curriculum we provide many and varied opportunities for children to focus on their reading skills. The children read whole class texts that encourage them to learn from others and compare and contrast opinions, engage in group reading to focus on new skills that support their decoding and comprehension skills and are challenged to apply their reading across the curriculum with a specific focus on research skills both in books and online.

Our approach to phonics

At Kings Road Primary School our main focus is to teach the children the phonic skills required to be able to blend words fluently. We use a programme, which was produced and recommended by the Government, entitled Letters and Sounds and employ this as our primary phonics teaching programme throughout Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

Children start to learn phonics in Foundation Stage, engaging in a 20-minute session and a shorter focused 10 minutes session each day, where they begin to learn the range of graphemes (letters or groups of letters) that symbolise the 44 phonemes (sounds) in the English language. Children in Foundation Stage use actions to help remember the sounds and these are carried up with them in to Key Stage 1. Pupils learn how to use these phonemes to blend together the sounds to read a word and how to segment a word into the phonemes in order to spell it.

These initial skills are further developed in Year 1 and Year 2 through daily phonics sessions.  In Year 1 pupils begin to learn there are a range of different spellings for a phoneme and that a grapheme can be pronounced in different ways (e.g. the ow in cow is different to the ow in crow). By the end of Year 2, pupils’ daily phonics sessions begin to focus on grammar and spelling rules, as their blending skills reach a more fluent level. They begin to investigate spelling rules and use their reading skills to proof read their own work.

Parents are encouraged to support their children in learning their new phonemes and graphemes and the learning of new sight vocabulary through spellings and home reading books linked to our reading scheme.