Choir - Young Voices at the O2

I am Eliana (Curriculum Champion for Music) and I went to the O2 Arena on the 4th February. I was so excited when it came to the day, in fact everyone was super excited! Then when we reached the glorious, wonderful and the magnificent O2 Arena, we had to walk for a short 5 minutes. When we arrived everyone was starving so we sat down for our lunch. After lunch we had to go up 5-6 sets of stairs but that felt like a thousand sets of stairs! After that leg-aching climb, we started to find our seats. We knew we'd be very high up but we weren't expecting to be that high! Then the rehearsal started, the conductor was called David, the backing singers were called Hattie, Nick and Lauren. Our guest hosts this year were Tony Hadley, who was the lead singer of Spandau Ballet and the Winner of The Voice 2018, Ruti Olajugbagbe. There was also an amazing band called Urban Stribes! The proper concert became closer and parents started filling the arena. Eventually, the concert started and it was wicked. Everyone was exhausted when it finished. Thank you Mrs Bayley, Miss Savill, Miss Clark and Mrs Hopkins.


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