Visit from Author Matt Brown

Monday 27th January saw Kings Road welcome Matt Brown – an acclaimed children’s author of the Dreary Inkling series - to our school. Matt spent the morning with our Year 5 pupils, sharing an author’s view of storytelling and the creative process behind continuing a story idea. Matt shared a pre-written story starter about a girl called Jessie who found a mysterious, abandoned briefcase on a bus. What should she do? Through brainstorming with Matt, the children had the opportunity to share their own ideas for what Jessie would do, following Matt’s best advice of always asking: And then what happens?

During his lunch hour, Matt spent time in the lunch hall with children from Years 5 and 6 who joined him and asked him their questions. Some questions involved what it was like to be an author, why he liked to write and who is favourite Avenger was. After lunch, the entirety of Key Stage 2 joined Matt in the Main Hall as he welcomed them into his fiction town of Dreary Inkling. Here, the children were introduced to some of the main characters of Matt’s books, including Eric Doomsday and Drishya Samode, as well as being read an except from his latest novel ‘Killer Vending Machines Wrecked My Lunch!’ which featured an ear-piercing scream given by Matt himself! The children were also exposed to Matt’s golden rule of writing: steal. Unusual to believe at first, Matt shared his experiences coming up with character names, taking inspiration from places he had visited, town names on a map or even looking at a Minecraft settings screen…  With the hall quickly becoming an explosion of laughter and giggles, Matt ended his Assembly with a question and answer session and the children had the opportunity to ask him only the most of important of questions, such as “What is your favourite type of sandwich?” For the record, it’s Malteser and Pickled Onion Monster Munch – an absolute classic.

Kings Road has a wonderful time welcome Matt Brown as our Patron of Reading, and we look forward to welcoming him back on Monday 2nd March, World Book Week, where he will be leading further workshops with children across KS2, as well as holding a signing in the Main Hall from 3:15pm, in association with Usborne Books at Home. To ensure a signed copy for your child/children, you can pre-order copies of all of Matt’s titles through the purchase order form sent home with the letter. If you need a replacement, please speak to a member of our office staff. All pre-order payments are to be made via SIMS Pay and must be made before Friday 14th February.

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Jamila - This was such a fun lesson thus far. It was amazing to do a writing workshop with Matt Brown.🤩.
I wonder what we will do when he comes back???🧐

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