Year 4 - Public Speaking with Mighty Oak

Today 4 Opal had their second public speaking workshop lead by Nicky Brown from Mighty Oak Public Speaking. The workshop was really exciting and prepared the children for a competition in March. 4 Obsidian will be having their workshop today (28th January 2020).

Nicky was kind enough to send us some wonderful feedback about her time with 4 Opal:

What an inspirational morning with Year 4 Kings Road!

This is a class to be watched!

The confidence, the clarity, the engagement…. I was very impressed!

Wonderful captains, articulate and commanding team callers, great speakers, confident chair person(s), and exceptional questioners!

Thank you for your excellent comments as judges:

“Ted had a really good, clear voice and good gestures”
“Harrison stands tall like a Mighty Oak and has excellent eye contact”
“Joshua had excellent answers”

Well done everyone!


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