Year 5 - Self Portraits

Mr Shipley has done a fantastic job of teaching his class how to do an amazing self portrait!


Savannah - These are so cool! ✨

Jamila - I love this lesson so much even though mine smudged a bit 😂

LEXI - I absolutely loved ♥️♥️ this lesson it was one of the best ones we’ve done so far 😃😃😃😃

Sanvi - This was a very good lesson. Art is very fun and I enjoyed it a lot

Quincy - I found that it doesn't matter how good the picture is it matters how much fun you have

Quincy - I love 💘 this lesson

Kyle M - Mr Shipley's drawing is amazing. I can't draw better than that

Olivia D. - I loved this lesson! Even though my portrait looks like a potato, it was still great fun!! Mr Shipley was great at teaching us too, I agree with Austin!

austin - I really enjoy this lesson because of Mr Shipley teaching this really well

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