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Year 5 and Teledyne E2V

Year 5 were fortunate to receive a visit from Chelmsford’s own Teledyne E2V, a company that specialises in creating components and subsystems for innovative solutions in medical, science, aerospace, defence and industrial applications. The visit was led by Chris and his team of apprentices who led the children through a project to create a parachute with the largest surface area, capable of withstanding high winds from the inside of a purpose-built wind tunnel. This experiment was incredibly helpful in building the children’s understand of air resistance and surface areas. The children had to use the Kings Road value of teamwork to design, build and rigorously test their parachutes before gathering together in the small hall for the grand reveal. The winning teams from each class were awarded trophies for their efforts, which were 3D printed at Teledyne HQ. The winning teams have also been invited to a finale some point next year, where they will complete against winners from other schools E2V have visited in the chance to become overall winners. The children seemed to thoroughly enjoy their morning with the apprentices from Teledyne E2V and we can’t wait to work with them again soon.


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