Year 6 - IWM Duxford

Year 6 have started our World War Two topic with a visit to IWM Duxford. The children started their day exploring the land warfare museum, where they were immersed in the events of the D Day Landings. This was followed by a visit to the American Air Museum, where we learnt about American troops who came over and were based at Duxford to help the allied forces as well as some quite impressive airplanes. After a lovely lunch outside, we explored the Battle of Britain, looking at Hawker Hurricane’s and German Messerschmitt planes, which were well know for their ‘dogfights’ in the sky. The children were so well behaved and represented Kings Road with impeccable manners across the day. On Thursday, the children returned to school using what they had learnt to analyse some primary historical sources including pilots log books, audio recordings of Lancaster bomber crews and interviews with RAF pilots to discover more about the Battle of Britain.


Sophia.S - It was a super fun

archit - It was interesting to go to Duxford as I learnt so much about world war two

Ella - It was amazing and enjoyed the day! We got to explore many planes and situations during WW2.

M.M - Lovely trip

A.G - Best trip ever!!

Charlie - It was so good for year 6 to go to Duxford! I love it so much! 💕💕💕

Sharleen - Amazing trip wish to go there again someday had loads of fun with my group and my friends

Archie.S - All I can say is: Great trip

layla - Amazing trip to go on had so much fun loved every bit about it, very interesting to learn about what ww2 planes looked like

Teslimi - Duxford was AMAZING I learnt so much more about World War II.

Betsy - I loved Duxford and it was super fun!!

Kyle Magnussen - This trip to Duxford was amazing when we looked around. I had a fun time at Duxford and I was shocked when I first walked in.

jan - This was the best trip I ever went on [ in year 6 ]. I was so interested in lots of things in that trip.

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