Year 6 - WWII Immersion Day

Year 6 took part in a brilliant World War Two day in school on Monday. The teachers used, ‘Teacher in Role’ so the children could be fully immersed in the 1940s. Children took part in three immersive lessons across the day.

All children experienced life preparing to be evacuated to the countryside with a session with Chelmsford’s billeting officer. Here they were given and explained the importance of identity cards and evacuation tags to fill in as well as learning about rationing of clothes and food.

Children then visited a wartime classroom and were taken back to the rules of a 1940s school. The children experienced the ‘Three R’s’ taking part in reading activities based on the classic poem, ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’, arithmetic repeated by rote and finally learning handwriting through completing lines of the National Anthem.

Finally, children met the local ARP officer, who put them through their paces to ensure they were ready for an air raid on Kings Road, especially as Chelmsford was a target because of our cities local factories. Children used primary sources and artefacts when learning the rules of the blackout, gas’s mask drills, how and why to tape up their classroom windows and how to ‘put out’ the fire from an incendiary bomb, using a bomb scoop and stirrup pump.

The children really put their all into the day and used it as an opportunity to experience life as evacuees and learn lots of new vocabulary and skills which they will be using in their writing across the curriculum.


SophiaS - So much fun

Ella - I had fun dressing up and role playing with the teachers and friends.

A.G - I really enjoyed this day I'd love to do something like this again.

E.G - I enjoyed this greatly and loved how the teachers where realistic and to the day.

L.W - Had an astonishing time learning how children in those days had to deal with things

S.a - I had a lot of fun and experienced world war 2 and how they how to deal it

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